Sunday, January 24, 2016

6 Makeup Trends That Should Make a Comeback for 2016

There has been a lot of hate on YouTube and other social media sites. Bullying and tearing down others. It's not okay. I don't accept it.

We all have opinions - I most definitely have mine. I like to think that I can be blunt and opinionated, but I also want to think that I have tact too.

I wanted to create a fun video that played on the trends that you wish would go away, which has been making their rounds on YouTube. After thinking about it though, I couldn't find myself to go on about these trends without doing so positively. I nixed the idea and decided instead to focus on what trends I do like - which doesn't tear anyone or anything down.

In the video below, I talk about some trends that I personally love and how to accomplish them in your own routine as well. Let's keep the #positivity and stay true to the art. We're all free to create what we want. Just remember, your makeup will wash off at the end of the day, so who really cares? Do you and stay confident!

Products used:
- Face -
NYX Pore Filler primer
Estee Lauder Double Lite Wear Foundation in Intensity 2.0
Boo Boo Cover-up Concealer
Benefit Blush in Hervana
Revlon PhotoReady Bronzer in #100 Bronzed & Chic
NYX Prismatic Shadow in Girl Talk

- Eyes -
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Grifter
Buxom Hold the Line eyeliner in Here's My Number
NYX Color Mascara in Blue
MAC eyebrow pencil in Tapered

- Lips -
ELF lip stain in Berry Blush


What are your favorite makeup trends?


Tuesday, January 05, 2016

My Current Nail Obsession

Okay, so NYE is done and over with and will be gone for...well, another year, but I'm still obsessing over glittery goodness. I just ordered some of the Makeup Geek Sparklers and cannot wait to try them out. In the meantime, to satiate my desire to glitterize (this is now officially a word in my dictionary) practically everything, I wanted to share with you my NOTD/NOTW, which is a base of a rose gold/silverish hue with a rainbow diamond glitter to accent.

The polishes that I used are Avon's SpeedDry formula in Crystal Calm, which I'm not entirely sure is still available through Avon anymore, but you can try finding it on Amazon, and Nicole by OPI in Be Awesome, which you can find on Amazon here. The Crystal Calm color is such a creamy formula with a effervescent sheen. I only had to apply one coat to obtain this opacity. It has been sitting in drawers and on shelves for years without wear, and to my excitement, it was still good when I snagged it. I forgot how pretty it is!

On the pointer and ring fingers, I applied this diamond glitter polish to the tips, softly tapering it out as I got closer to the middle. Chunky glitter formulas where the glitter is suspended into clear polishes are not my favorite. It takes multiple swipes to even get enough glitter. I found an amazing trick for that, which I'll gladly show you in a video soon if you like!

The glitter reminds me of stained glass and with the rose gold hue to contrast the cool colors, it reminds me of the sun beaming in through the glass. This has to be one of my favorite nail looks in a while - and I'm the first to admit that I'm not overly creative when it comes to nail art. 

I'd love a comment telling me what you think! What are your favorite glitter polishes and combos?

Sun shiny beams of color to you,

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